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WE 3 IN DUNDEE by Fi McGarry illustrated by Catriona Wallbutton


“Are we nearly there yet?” I didn’t really expect an answer
– we had been driving for ages: Mum,  Grandad and me.
So when mum said, “Yes – look!”, I sat up and looked.
We swung round the last roundabout and straight onto the bridge.’




We 3 went to Dundee – Mum, Grandad and me. Find out where we saw a 400 million year old fossil, dancing robots, an ice hockey game, and lots of other great stuff.

Learning focuses: Language (vocabulary); Social Subjects (People and Place)


Partan Press Childrens Books - Peas Please by Fi McGarry PEAS PLEASE! by Fi McGarry


‘Young Titch McTavish, a wonderful boy
Was truly his mother’s great pride and her joy
He helped with the housework, kept his room clean
But refused every time to eat anything green.’ (p.1)




Titch doesn’t like to eat his greens. A visitor from another planet helps him trick his mother but Titch soon finds out that he is on his own – and veggies aren’t so bad after all.

Learning focuses: Health and Wellbeing (healthy eating); Language (pattern and rhyme); Religious and Moral Education.


Partan Press Childrens Books - Lucy's Juice by Fi McGarryLUCY’S JUICE by Fi McGarry


‘Lucy wanted cola,
Her mother gave her juice.
“All that pop’s not good for you,”
Her mother said to Luce.’ (p.1)




Lucy doesn’t like fruit juice – she only wants fizzy pop. Then mum has a good idea. Find out what it was.

Learning focuses: Health and Wellbeing (healthy eating); Language (pattern and rhyme); Technologies (food handling and preparation).


Partan Press Childrens Books - The Enchanted Kingdom by Donald Gunn and Robin ShannanTHE ENCHANTED KINGDOM by Donald Gunn and Robin Shannan


‘Long ago, in a far country, there lived a very puzzled king. The reason for his puzzlement was not hard to find, for that morning, after he had woken up as usual with the sun streaming through the curtains of the royal bedchamber, he had found his kingdom completely deserted….’ (p.1)




Revolutions best accomplish their aims not by violence, but by tea and biscuits.

Learning focuses: Language (vocabulary, genre); Religious and Moral Education (philosophy); Thinking Skills; Citizenship.


Partan Press Childrens Books - Harpsong by Fi McGarryHARPSONG by Fi McGarry


‘This story begins in the time of enchantment, before the months had names, or the days had numbers. It happened then, on the Isle of Skye, that a laird crossed the fairy folk and as a result, the spirit of his beautiful daughter Scathach (who was named for the warrior queen), was entombed forever in a willow tree.’ (p.1)



A trapped spirit freed by a good heart – a tale of enchantment, and of love.

Learning focuses: Language (genre); Religious and Moral Education (integrity).


Partan Press Childrens Books - Eric The Lazy Bee by Donald GunnERIC THE LAZY BEE by Donald Gunn


‘Lazy? You don’t know the meaning of the word till you’ve met Eric. Gentleman Honey Bees, as you may already be aware, are called DRONES. This means they don’t actually do any work around the hive, and spend a lot of their time sitting about on their furry bottoms Watching Television or Talking About Football. You know the type.’ (p.1)



Eric is a lazy bee. He is a drone. His sister Erica is a worker bee. Find out how Erica got the better of her lazy brother.

Learning focuses: Language (vocabulary); Religious and Moral Education (honesty/integrity); Citizenship; Sciences (biological systems/lifecycles).